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We try our best here at Auto Visual Novel to respect the intellectual property rights of others. All videos we post here are considered walkthroughs of our playthroughs, similar to playthrough videos you would find of nearly any game on a video site like YouTube or Twitch.

We understand that, due to their nature, this could be more of a detriment to visual novels as opposed to other genres of games, which is why we wholeheartedly encourage our viewers to purchase the visual novels they enjoy watching here, and do our best to make that as easy as possible for them.

Even so, we understand that sometimes that’s not enough. In those cases, the rights holder can send us a request to have the content taken down.

We take such requests very seriously and do our best to respond to them in a timely manner. However, in this digital age where it is very easy for anyone to claim to be anything, it would be remiss of us to just take any request at face value.

Therefore, we have the following requirements for any takedown requests that are sent to us:

1. The request must be sent to
2. The request must state who the requestor is and why they have the right to make the request
3. The request must state what content the requestor wants to have removed. Web links are helpful but not required
4. The request must state the information in the request is true and correct and that the requestor is aware that making false statements could result in perjury charges
5. The request must be sent from a verifiable email address. For instance, a request from Clock Up should come from an email address ending in Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, or other public email addresses will be ignored
6. If #5 is not possible for some reason, the request must be verified by private message on an official social media account (preferably Twitter but it could be any social media account that can be traced back to the requestor). Using Clock Up as an example again, a direct message from the official Clock Up Twitter account (@clockupofficial) confirming the request would suffice

If both #5 and #6 are not possible, or are not adequate in verifying the veracity of the request, we will unfortunately have to ignore the request. All other requests that adequately follow the points above will be acted upon and the content will be taken down within 14 days unless it is physically not possible for us to do so, in which case it will be taken down as soon as it becomes possible.